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Vladimir and Gyorgy Stenberg

In this masterful poster of 1926 by the Stenberg brothers done in the 'agitational' advertising style of the NEP period, a phalanx of workers, soldiers and businessmen advance in a powerful diagonal, reading the current issue of New World. New World (Novy Mir) magazine was the prime literary journal of the Soviet regime. It later became the organ of the Union of  Soviet Writers and during the liberalization under Khrushchev published Solzhenitsyn's first short novel. Founded in 1925, it featured stories by the greatest approved writers of the day, including Maxim Gorky, Alexei Tolstoy, and Mikhail Sholokhov. It also contained articles of general interest on art, politics and science as well as poems and reviews. This poster belongs to the period of the New Economic Plan (NEP), when some forms of capitalism were briefly restored in the USSR. In 1921, faced with universal economic collapse, Lenin retreated from his attempt to turn Russia overnight into a communist society and allowed some forms of private enterprise to function.